The WordPress Revolution Theme That Changed My Life

In 2006, I began my internet marketing career with an SEO start-up company as part of an internship while earning my degree from Penn State University in Information Technology.

This company was one of the very first search engine optimization companies in the country and an early pioneer in the digital marketing industry. If you are not familiar, search engine optimization or SEO is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine for a particular keyword. To learn more about search engine optimization, visit our SEO services page.

A typical day of work included modifying and developing blog content for numerous websites utilizing an open source software known as WordPress.

WordPress first appeared in 2003 and was known to the industry as a blogging platform that could easily be installed on your web server by uploading a set of files and creating a database. Anyone who could purchase a $3 hosting account could install WordPress and instantly have a way to publish content to the web. Today, WordPress still boasts about its famous 5-minute installation time.

My time working with WordPress dramatically increased over time and I developed a passion for writing and tweaking its code. I felt accomplished as I was able to develop ideas and translate those ideas into various elements of the WordPress software, ultimately expanding the functionality of the platform.

After realizing how scalable WordPress actually was, I began to envision my version of the perfect website. This was a website that would allow my customers to update text and imagery without having to know code – a concept that did not yet exist. I knew that if I could solve this problem, I could create a product and sell it to any business that needed a website.

After hours of manipulating and tweaking code, I had built my first ever WordPress theme along with two custom plugins that complimented the theme’s functionality.  I was getting closer by the hour, but the theme and functionality wasn’t exactly working how I had hoped. I was programming around the clock trying to find a way to improve my concept. This is when I discovered the Revolution Theme.

The Revolution theme was one of the very first Premium WordPress themes ever released, by an individual named Brian Gardner, now known as the founder of StudioPress.   The capabilities of Brian’s Revolution theme seemed comparable to my vision and with some hesitation, I purchased the theme.

Within a few days, I launched my first ever fully managed WordPress website called RBI Magazine.

My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited.

RBI Magazine, a baseball news website, would ultimately deliver baseball news content to more than 15 million visitors and generate more than $30,000.00 in revenue through affiliate marketing over the next 8 years. The Revolution theme fundamentally changed the way people all around the world use WordPress and uncovered the tremendous opportunities that exist for website owners today — especially RBI Magazine.

I repurposed the same technology and began building websites for small businesses in my area. The success of those websites led to more opportunities and before I knew it, I was building websites for national brands and very large companies.

Since the launch of RBI Magazine in 2008, I have developed more than 700 WordPress websites and have generated more than 300,000 website leads for my customers.

The release of the Revolution Theme was truly a revolution in website development that changed my life as a digital marketer.

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