social media marketing

Today, there are almost 3.2 billion people who use social media, and an average person spends more than 2 hours per day on social media platforms. These stats are proof of the immense impact and influence of social media marketing on people’s lives.

If you are an online or local business, setting up social media marketing strategies is crucial for you. Social media platforms are occupied by billions of people, and these can be the best platforms for you to reach your target audience.

Facebook alone has over 2.45 billion monthly active users, creating a huge social media marketing opportunity. Many businesses think it is enough to create content and share it organically on Facebook. However, what they don’t realize that organic Facebook posts only have a reach of 2.5%. In contrast, Facebook advertising has a conversion rate of more than 9%. Furthermore, more than 26% of people make a purchase after seeing a Facebook ad.

At AJS Web, we can help you create an effective social media strategy that will not only help you maintain your social presence, but can engage your target audience, instill trust in them, and make your business grow!

We are a top Pennsylvania social media marketing agency that can help you build your business presence socially, identify your target audience, and most importantly,  integrate your social media activities with your website!

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