Website Speed Optimization

It’s Not Rocket Science

The AJS Web team has designed and developed WordPress websites for nearly two decades. Speed is our second nature. Depending on how your website was developed, page speed may be impacting your search engine rankings. AJS Web offers a premium WordPress speed optimization service that will help your website reach its full ranking potential and keep visitors on your website longer.

Our page speed optimization process includes using third party testing tools and our decades of programming experience. We provide a top-notch WordPress speed optimization service that will increase rankings and interaction across your entire website properties. We have the analytics to prove it!

Website Speed Optimization
  •  Website caching
  • Image optimization
  • Improved hosting
  • Database optimization
  • External scripts
  • Prefetch scripts
  • CDN implementation
  • Compression settings
  • WP Plugin analysis
  • Javascript optimizartion
  • HTTP Requests
  • MySQL Tuning
  • Code auditing
  • CSS optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization Service (All-Inclusive) $499.99

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Speed services are completed within 48 hours of payment.